Substitute Teacher Program

We provide 17 Pennsylvania districts with high-quality subs throughout the school year.  If your district is ready to leave behind the time-consuming and costly process of recruiting subs and filling teacher absences, call us.

Leave the Challenges to Us
Our Substitute Teacher Program transfers the administrative headache of recruiting, training and managing substitute teachers from you to us.

  • Partner school districts benefit from a 24/7 automated system that places subs, generates a larger pool of substitutes, and enables districts to select proven, high-quality subs for preferred scheduling.
  • Because substitutes are employees of Ignite Education Solutions and not considered school district staff, retired teachers can substitute in a public school without threatening the benefits they receive through the Public School Employees’ Retirement System.
  • It also offers schools an affordable way to comply with health insurance requirements for part-time employees under the Affordable Care Act.

Our Substitute Teacher Program also includes training to increase the skill sets of substitute teachers.

More Information
Contact Educational Programs Director Jona Duppstadt at 814-262-0732 x224 or to learn more or to schedule an informational meeting.

Join Our Substitute Teacher Team!
Ignite Educational Solutions seeks PA-certified teachers and college graduates interested in obtaining emergency certification to work as substitute teachers in Cambria, Somerset and Bedford counties. As an employee of Ignite Educational Solutions, retired teachers can also sub without jeopardizing the benefits they receive through the Public School Employees’ Retirement System.

When you work for Ignite, you have the opportunity to apply to one organization, but sub in multiple school districts.

Please click on the appropriate link in the right hand column to learn more about application requirements and upcoming training.


Pennsylvania-certified teachers and college graduates are always welcome to apply to join our growing substitute teacher program.

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For more information or a complementary consultation, call us at 814-262-0732.  You may also contact us via email by clicking the button below.

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