Professional Development

Our growing menu of professional development seminars can ensure that your administrators, teachers and paraprofessionals are trained in the latest safety, educational and support methodologies.

Act-48 Ready Seminars
Every member of our professional development team has been trained and/or certified to provide PDE-approved and Act 48-ready seminars related to:

Student Academic Performance and Achievement Training

  • Teaching Gifted Students in Today’s Classroom – Best practices for teaching high performing students
  • Stop the Insanity – Strategies to refine the design, delivery and alignment of curriculum, instruction and assessment to improve student performance
  • Don’t Kill the Magic  – Making the most of curriculum, instruction, assessment, and classroom management strategies to boost student engagement

Student Behavior and Health Issues Training

  • School Suicide Awareness and Prevention Training (Act 71)
  • Crisis Prevention/Intervention (CPI) Training – Strategies to handle disruptive, violent or distraught students
  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Training – Identify FAS warning signs and risk factors
  • Domestic Violence and Teen Dating Training – Identify risk factors, warning signs and local resources
  • Understanding Megan’s Law – Understanding Megan’s Law, including the myths and realities of the Megan’s Law registry
  • Juvenile Law and Justice Basics – What educators need to know about the juvenile “system,” especially as it relates to classroom responsibilities
  • Child Abuse Through a Legal Lens – Gain a better understanding of how civil and criminal systems work to protect children
  • Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and First Aid Training

Administrative Training for Educators

  • FERPA and Confidentiality
  • Media and Crisis Communications for administrators, board members and others
  • Team Building and Stress Management – Helps educators build and strengthen collaborative and supportive networks
  • Roles and Responsibilities of a Paraprofessional – Helps paraprofessionals understand their critical role on the educational team
  • Ethics in the Workplace – Strategies to help educators come out on the right side of gray areas, and strengthen their understanding of district-specific ethic codes of conduct

Most seminars last 2-3 hours. At the request of several districts, our professional development services are under expansion. Several new seminars will be added shortly.



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