Specialized Classrooms

Our specialized classrooms provide at-risk students with the educational and behavioral support they need at rates that districts can afford.

Alternative Education Classrooms (AEDY)
As an approved PDE provider of alternative education, we help school districts develop and carry out rigorous and supportive educational environments for disruptive students. Classrooms are created based on the specific needs and budgets of each district, often saving districts tens of thousands of dollars compared to outside placements.

Model Local Level Complaint Process

Behavior Support for Elementary Students
Our specialized behavior support classrooms help improve behavior before it escalates or becomes more severe. Short- or long-term placement options where elementary students receive education in small classes are available.

In-School Suspension
Our ISS classrooms are available for daily or weekly placement of students who violate school discipline policies. Close monitoring of work completion in a segregated environment ensures students attendance on a daily basis and that meaningful disciplinary options are carried out.

Our transition classrooms merge online learning with face-to-face instruction to provide a supportive and engaging environment for students struggling with the general education classroom.

Emotional Support
These classrooms provide a supportive and nurturing environment for students with emotional needs. Our ES classrooms also include behavior tracking and positive behavior support plans to ensure student success.

"Working with Ignite to implement an AEDY program has been extremely beneficial in helping our students stay on track and providing them an opportunity to graduate with their class."

- Mark J. Kudlawiec, Superintendent, Chestnut Ridge School District

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